FOR SALE - Broken Flipsk V4.12 vesc

Hi all.

Ive just upgraded to the new Flipsky dual FSESC as one of my current ESC’s gave me the pink flashing light of doom. Pretty sure its the DRV chip. Kinda used it as an excuse to buy the new shiny one :smile:

I have sold the working but the broken is still for sale

Amps:50 continuous / 240A Peak Cells: 3-13S liPo Voltage: 8v-60v BEC: 5V:1.5A

Open to offers, will post to the uk for £3, happy to post to the rest of the world but will need to look at shipping costs.

Reasonable offers please.


IMG_20190131_211252 IMG_20190131_211302

I’ve just had my Maxfind board go totally dead and think that I may need to put in a replacement esc.

The customer support are on Chinese holiday and not guaranteed to even help after.

Based on the above I’d be interested in the functioning esc at the right price as a security for them being useless.

You should replace it, my maxfind was a joke. speed, range, safety… Taking out the normal esc and putting something more customizeable is pretty neat, just don’t forget you’re still working with the same battery. So you’ll have to either stick to similar discharge rates as the last esc unless you want to suffer range issues

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Makes sense, I’d like to make a new battery with some high grade 18650s later on.

Part of my hesitation is I have the maxfind C and have no idea if it’ll fit as a replacement in the small space.


Where are you based? Im open to offers but bear in mind they are $85 new plus shipping (£65)


Im in UK so shipping should be easy. I just took a look online and theyre about 45 GBP new incl shipping on ebay, so for used I’d say 30GBP is my offer.

Thanks but just been PM’s with an offer of £40. Thanks though

:+1: no worries

Hi, Not sure if your still interested in the working ESC? the last buyer backed out so if your interested i can do it for £35 including shipping if your in the UK.