For Sale: Carvon V4SD [US] [SOLD]

Never installed, never powered up. Just opened the box and put it up on the shelf.

$700 + shipping.

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You in the us?

Yes sir. US

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Shame lol 10 char

Yeah, you’re missing out on a lot of stuff, lol.

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still up for grabs?

Yes, still available

Oo man trying to resist… must resist…someone please buy these I don’t need a AWD speeddrive…these are weapons

4WD carvons would be awesome. If I didn’t have so much going on I wouldn’t even let this go.

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I wanted another set three weeks ago badly I was waiting for someone like you … then I bought two set of the torquedrive on his flash sale. Because after riding these thing are fast already 2wd mid power is awesome… i don’t have braking issues either …but it not friendly in the congestion city running…I only weigh 150pds so I have no torque issue other then trying not to get blown off …I always push at least twices …i get to 48 50k and it still has quarter stick left easy and lots of power it wants to go…i need full gear to try any more…they are super fun at 15-20k and up to 40k carving hard and roosting cyclist with dirt as I pass them…lol…and the sound is awesome if you can find something else to sell I would highly recommend my friend


Nobody want these?

I feel your pain

Lowered price

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Is this still available? I’m interested! Just checking with Damon to see that it’ll work with my LHB Witchblade because he will be the one doing the upgrade.

Yes still available

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Damn dude I just mentioned that I’d be willing to sell my XLs on the Carvon thread and had 2 people pm me the same evening and I sold them immediately.

I’ll take them! Does Paypal work? Not sure what the norm is on these forums.

Also think about getting adapters from Carvon and cutting the sleeve.

Here are relevant posts:

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It’s sold :slight_smile:

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