For sale. e,mountainboard, 12s,unity,twin 6374, 192kv motors

This board is a MONSTER, never let me down! And its bloody fast, i have never been able to reach top speed as it just wants to keep going,it gets to scary or it throws me off!! Hahaha Man/Woman, its AWESOME, dont want to sell it but times are tuff. It was my first DIY build, and it was a big learning experience, alot of money and mistakes, but finally perfected it after rebuilding it so many times i lost count. Sensible offers please.


You need to list your country.

Do you have any photos of the battery?

Im not selling it with a battery or charger, but i will give my old lipo 2x6s with it! BUT!! Its on its way out and i don’t know how many more charges i will get out of it? Thanks Dude

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I doubt anyone is going to pay to ship this from Antarctica.

Good luck with sale though :slight_smile:

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Brian meant that you have to add your location and country so that we could know a bit of shipping details and estimates since you are selling. No country of shipment = ain’t no way anyone is buying.

Prices also help immensely when trying to sell something.

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