For Sale - Enertion Rspec Drive Kit ($566)

Real classy their kid. Show a bit more respect when talking about those that have passed.


Sorry should have went a bit softer. Didn’t mean to insult anyone

Maybe it was a bad example. What I meant is that the vendor isn’t liable for anything that happens after you get the product… Sorry but it’s 4 o’clock in the morning here … :slight_smile:

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Exactly I agree on that point, companys shouldn’t be liable for maistakes made by the consumer

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It would not be your fault but you accept the risk riding these

Excatally so I don’t know what the deal is here. I know the risk involved and so does everyone else

Sorry @topcloud but I’m not really getting the point you are trying to make… In my opinion selling him stuff is 100% safe for you and vice versa… :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure most people would agree with me on this point.

Hardware shouldn’t be limited by age.


I think it would be a grave error to put restrictions on minors here, nothing here is illegal and therefore selling and buying shouldn’t be restricted either. A person can buy and sell at any age. Only thing that might need an age restriction is group buys. I’m only saying this cause I’ve seen many threads where people try and put restrictions on the youth, rather than help them avoid mistakes. There’s kids building nuclear powered machines at 14 I think an electric skateboard isn’t that bad

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Group buys are exactly the same as regular purchases but with a small wait after payment😉

Yeah but in Europe if you are a minor and buy stuff for over 300€ your parents have to approve… :slight_smile:

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Oof that’s Europe, well I’m in America where you can buy guns at Walmart, and where you can get a full auto machine gun easyier than getting one stick of Dynamite

Gosh I love saying that

Didn’t know that but I would agree with that law, I’m just against laws that make it harder for younger people to create, especially on a forum that states that as its purpose

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Were do you live? :slight_smile:

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Yeahh that’s the “slight” difference… if you want to buy a 1-joule airsoft gun here you have to be over 18 and need a copy of your passport… :slight_smile:

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USA also I’ll admit I’m not well informed on laws outside this country


Yeah edited it just to bash more.

Actually you can buy a 600psi airsoft gun that can shoot through metal with just a debt card

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Europe: :joy: USA:


Haha funny except in NY where I live having a mode gun= instantly shot and tased

Except the fact that I can go shoot guns with my parents

And people on this fourm are complaining about me buying “mode of transportation” parts

Also if your so worried about me getting hurt than question Best buy and boosted why they would allow me to walk straight into best buy and buy a boosted stealth that goes 24mph if I wanted to, I actually tried this and they brought the boosted stealth out.

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