For sale Enertion VESC 4.12 USA only

Vesc has 3 miles tops on it. Going in a different direction and no longer is needed $85 shipped in the USA.

Any warranty?

Not sure I got it new from someone else

I think that would a no to warranty from Enertion. I believe Jason said at some point that warranties are not transferable (maybe it was just for the Raptors) because they have no way of tracking secondary market sales

Have a pic of this? Assume its not VESCx, correct? not the vescx. Have a few pics if you look through my profile

Bump cheapest on the forum right now.

Bump cheapest on the forum

Bump cheapest on the forum

If you ever decide to ship to Canada I might be interested

Find out what shipping is from 44060

is this still avalible

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Sale pending I’ll let you know

Hey, is it still available?

So is the ESC available still?

Shipping to 19086, PM me total if still available and I’ll send PayPal