For sale: 10s3p single motor setup with Unikboards deck

After buying a Boosted Mini X for commuting I’m planning to start another build. Therefor I’m selling my current setup to (partly) finance a new build!

All the parts are used/scratched (and dirty, but will clean them a bit before shipping :smile:) but in good condition. For transportability I disassembled most of the parts so you’ll have to re-assemble it yourself. Only thing you’ll need is a remote and receiver.

Ideally I would like to sell all the parts at once to 1 person, but I’m also open to sell items separately. I’m from the Netherlands and able to ship within Europe. Need some more info how to ship the battery pack though :slight_smile: Shipping costs need to be paid by the buyer.

DM for more info/pictures


  • Unikboards Carbon deck (Dimensions: 29.0″ x 9.5″,) €150,-
  • Unikboards enclosure with switch and charging port preinstalled free
  • Caliber || 50 trucks €45,-
  • Otang kegel 80mm wheels €32,-
  • Hobbyking VESC 4.12 €50,-
  • 6354´er 2200W/200K​V motor and 15mm 14/32 pulleys €200,-
  • antispark switch with fuse €20,-
  • Unikboards Spartancell 10s3p 7500mah €250,-
  • 42V 2A charger €30,-

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If you decide to part it out. I will take trucks.

+1 I would be interested in some of the parts.

Would ya part out man?

Interested in anti spark. Live in the Netherlands

PM sent, thank you

Vesc still for sale?

Stop posting on 3+ month old threads please