For Sale [EU]: Mini Remotes

So without talking to much let´s get straight to the items for sale :smiley:

  • TORQUEBOARDS Vesc 4.12, unused just tested on the bench, 75€+shipping 20180618_195736

  • Mini Remote trigger style, completeley new. I have 2 but they are the same, 25€ for one +shipping 20180618_195726

If you are interested in any item just send me a pm. :smiley:

Only shipping to eu :smiley:

Can buy the mini remote brand new on aliexpress for 30 eur with free shipping…


@Yecrtz Yes, you´re right but I had to pay 10€ per Remote because I had to pay import taxes…

Ok price drop on the remotes. 25€ per remote

Price drop, only €13 incl shipping for a remote.

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@tacohq Ok but if I drop the price even lower I´m losing even more money :frowning:

Come on I really want this sold :frowning: Shoot me an good offer over and I will sell it. Price drop: Vesc: 70€ Remote: 20€

this is in eu, i would pay 25 plus shipping rather than pay 30 from china and wait a month


still have the vesc? @Mich21050

@TonyTrampoline Yes, still available :smiley:

I got mine from china for 15 euro but waited 2 months. also you don’t pay import taxes for stuff under 20 euro

i know i buy them usually from china, but i would pay 25 to get it within a week for sure especially if its urgent

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Vesc sold :smile: Both remotes still available :slight_smile:

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are thoose remotes plug and play with esc?

i bought my mini remote brand new on ebay for £17.86 (from United Kingdom based seller)

D’ya have a link?

You don’t need to calibrate the remote so Maybe that’s what ur talking about. but you still need to set up In the vesc settings like you do with all remotes, You also Have to put the bind key inside to get it paired but it’s super simple,

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Ok so everything is sold except one remote :smiley: