FOR SALE EU. New FOCbox, 8s BMS, 5x2s LIPO. and more


I´ve got lots of parts left over from a project which I never started.

Located in Sweden.

If the price doesn’t fit. Send a Message.

1pcs FOCbox: From group buy. Never used or connected. 110 euro SOLD!

5x2s LIPO batteries. Turnigy, 5000mah 20c. Completely NEW. 70 euros

1pcs 8s Supower BMS 45AMP. NEW. 30 euro

1pcs 8s charger. 2a output. NEW 15 euro SOLD

5pcs charger plugs. “Waterproof” 55/2.1 Fits charger above. NEW 2euro/piece 4LEFT!

1pcs Vedder antispark switch, Made by with 40a fuse. NEW 25euro.

2pcs 15tooth 5mm motor pulley. For “straight and round” shaft. fits motor above. 15mm wide. NEW 2euro for both.

1pcs winning w2 remote. NEW. With reciever. 40euro

1pcs brushless motor. KEDA 6364 190kv.10S. NEW 35euro SOLD

2pcs wheel pulley set for ABEC 11 flywheels. Without screws. 15mm wide. NEW 25euro/piece

1 set. Flywheels clones. With bearings. 83mm. NEW 25euro

4 meters of Turnigy10awg silicone wire. 4 meters black. 4meters red. NEW 15euro for both. SOLD

2x5pairs. genuine xt60 conectors. NEW 4euro/5pairs.

2pairs of XT90-s conectors. Genuine. NEW 4euro/2pairs

1pcs “Waterproof” on/off buttom. Blue. NEW 5euros. SOLD!!

5pcs HTD 265 - 5M belts. Fits the pulleys above. 15mm wide. NEW 15euro/5pcs or 4euro/piece. SOLD

Best Regards Peter

where do you live? and how much do you think it costs to ship to the netherlands? (okay it depends on what i wanna buy ofc)

Interested in both wheel pulleys. Got a photo? What are they made of?

How much would focbox shipping cost to USA? (Dallas) interested in focbox and vedder switch

How wide are the HTD 265 5m belts?

Where are you located?

Located in Sweden. Updated the original post aswell.

Shipping within Europe is between 2 and 5 euros. Depending on what you want.

Interested, pm sent.

15mm wide. The same goes for the pulleys.

Interested in the charge port and on/off switch

Check pm :slight_smile:

how much do you want for the lipos?

I’ll send PM

I believe 75 euros would be a fair price.

I think this reply is for you @bullrider12

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@TeslaAlex I thought so too :slight_smile:

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My bad…

Haha no problem! :slight_smile: Did you check my PM?

Im interested, i have PM’ed u!

I´ll take a few things - PM