FOR SALE - FOCBOX(RETRACTED), SK3 168kv MOTOR, 18t 12mm gear

Pretty much unused focbox, bought about 2 weeks ago(120$). Turnigy sk3 168kv motor, used for about 1 month on and off. I believe one of the motor wires was rubbed a little bit and was exposed at one point with my old vesc (rip), so the wire has been completely heat shrinked etc. (50),60 with gear. Has a couple scratches as most motors do. 18t 12mm gear. 13$

Post pics


Sent pm bout focbox

Were are you located?

Maine, United States

pmd for focbox

Could you post a picture of the sk3?

If you’re still interested I for sure can.

How much for the motor?

50 10 char

Um… does that mean $50 and what’s “10 char”?

Can you post a pic?