For sale Kaly Nyc 2in1 [SOLD]

Sale Kaly Nyc street carver 2in1 ($1600) Original owner, board has been meticulously maintained, used for recreational purpose on street only, never used under rain. Batteries 12s4p are in perfect working condition, this board is a rocket :muscle:

Specs: • Desk: Street Carver 14 ply (up to 200lbs rider). • Range: 22 miles (real world). • The board top speed is + 35 mph. • Dual configuration for street with ABEC 107 mm Urethane wheels and AT 7 and 6.5 inch pneumatics. • The battery is a 12S-4P; 48V-530 W/h. 60Amps High discharge Samsung 30Q lithium ion Cells. • Dual motors: 6374 190Kv • Dual VESC • 50.4 V @ 4 Amps charger

Shipping to US only, not included.


Still for sale?

Is this still for sale?

How many miles are on the board? Are you in Los Angeles?

Sorry Guys the board is already SOLD