FOR SALE Lightly Used EMTB/longboard hybrid build

Build thread Here,

This is my second build. It’s got some minor issues that need to be worked out before it’s completely roadworthy, and I just don’t have the time or motivation to fight them right now, so I’m selling it AS IS.

Bamboo drop-through deck Caliber II 50 trucks Prototype sixshooter wheels Dual 6355 190kv Custom CNC’d adjustable motor mounts w/idler Dual beta vesc6 from Trampa 360WH 10s4p 25r battery pack with 80A programmable BMS Working (BRIGHT) headlights with high/low beams in front, and brake lights in the back that respond to braking Custom molded Kydex enclosure 4A fast charger (set to ~4.15/cell) GT2B in 3d printed case (Has seen better days, but is functional)

Excluding all the parts that the board has gone through that aren’t on it now, I think I have about $1250 in it right now.

Since it has “issues” (random braking, haven’t been able to track it down, I think it’s tx/rx related, might be as simple as swapping to a different tx/rx), I’m willing to part with it for $900 shipped, or best offer.

Nooooo Are you building another board? This thing was a boss

Thanks! Nah, I think I’m going to stick to vehicles with handlebars. That way, when they decide to act up, I have something to hold onto to keep from eating pavement. (I am not a graceful person.)

Dang so your building an escoot or ebike?

ebike is the plan.

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Damn Ebike Don’t leave us You should probably make an Ebike that goes like 70mph Dual diagonal motor 12s10p 30q Vesc 6 Speedometer built into handlebars Auto Pilot


Oh believe me, it’ll be fast. 3KW hub motor, (That’s before I do some mods :imp:) 5kw foc controller (not vesc6, it can’t handle a 14s battery)


Lol what’s your top speed gonna be

Make a build thread on your ebike! I’m sure we all want to see


@ARetardedPillow Will do once I get started. @deeif I’m hoping for at least 40mph, maybe higher.


Damn when will the Ebike build start Also notifs are on for this thread

Let the man sell his board first lol


As soon as I find a suitable frame to hang everything on. Then I can start ordering shit and putting it together.

I really need to replace the worktable in the garage though first, it’s nasty and falling apart.

True… But hey I’m impatient As you can te…

LMK if you part her out, I’d be interested in the 6 shooters.

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same w/ me

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where you located?

Also interested if parted out

Northern California.

Interested in battery and enclosure.