[For Sale] "like new" Ruroc Shockwave & InBoard M1 with 3 batteries only 19 miles on it

$50 shipped in the US - Ruroc Shock Wave

$750 Pick up in Irvine CA - InBoard M1 with 3 batteries with only 19 miles on it. Or Best Offer!

This was from their Black Friday sale? Got it for $80 plus shipping. It fits the last generation 2016-2018 BEFORE they put in the blue Rhoen lining. This is said to fit M/L/XL. Was used in two morning rides (not sweaty hot days :wink:) and worked well but I just don’t wear the Ruroc as much as the TSG to make this useful. I might send it in a smaller box to save on postage


Selling the board I never use. I travel once a year for work and brought this with me once :unamused:. company then moved trade show to 15 minute away now so no point in owning it. Anyone in LA/OC/SD wanna buy and pick up? Damn InBoard knocked the price down so I’m asking for a lower price. Board is like new, with three batteries. One charger and one remote. If I have to ship then buyer pays $50 more.

image image image

SOLD - $50 shipped in the US - Landwheel Hub Motors Cleaned up my garage this past weekend and pulled out a set of Landwheel hub motors I had forgotten about. These things have basically a few meters of “use” then tested on test bench. From my experience, motors are good and has plenty of power. LW esc and batteries was what sucked badly resulting in FIVE iterations before the final “good” drive. image


Nice hubs, wanna trade?

Can those hub be used on 4.12 vesc ? I want too make a jet spud hub motors

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Have to rewire as the balance leads are very thin

It’s possible but you also have to rewire the jst connectors, I know from the v5 hubs

Yea i know NOTHING ABOUT hub motors. Im familiar with belt drive motors

nope you’ll just end up selling it anyway :thinking: you have commitment issues hahahaha

shouldn’t be a problem I tested them on Vesc-x. Never plugged in sensors though. they wired it different with their esc. So for VESC it needs to be like this https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/landwheel-hall-sensor-wiring-for-vesc/51323


Im interested then. Ima pm you right now

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Yeah, I usually get rid of stuff pretty fast. That Landwheel strap you gave me came in clutch though. Thanks for looking out brotha

Those hubs are really nice, I would take them, but I’m trying to get rid of a ton of stuff too

Like what kind of stuff lol i like stuff lol Pm me if you like

Motors sold. Ruroc Shockwave still available.

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I really wish I didn’t buy the KooWheels…these are significantly better and cheaper

I have the shockwave and it’s actually pretty sweet. Great volume and comfort

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bumpity bump. I accept offers, PM me @Caustin weren’t you looking for something inboard?

btw a new shipped inboard with 3 batteries is $800 and you’re asking 800 shipped too. Just thought i’d let you know

Lol it’s $999 on Amazon with a Hat. Do you have the hat @Mikenopolis

If he does that’s probably why he’s priced it this way. That hat is basically as valuable as gold evolve motors. :joy:

I know, but I don’t charge TAX. Honestly it’s hard to let go seeing that It was $1299 plus tax, then $299 + $299 for each battery. Got it for travel purpose and ended up not traveling. InBoard dropping their price like crazy suck.

Anyway. I’m OPEN TO OFFERS…yes yes I know, bidding starts a $1, but let’s be reasonable. Valid offer get basically gets a new board, I get to lose a lot but gain space for the next build.

I do you one better, I have a CarvOn hat. that’s as rare as a unicorn

@Mikenopolis eh, I already have a CarvOn hat and a unicorn, that’s how I get to work when it’s raining, but thanks though. :kissing_heart:

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inboard dont charge tax, and its kind of dumb they had it priced at 1300$