For Sale: Lipos battery’s

Selling my lipo sticks to build new battery pack I have 4 3s 5000mah selling them 30bucks a peice or 125 for all four of them they are in very good shape

Approximate number of cycles?

3 cells in each pack total of 12 cells I had it as a 12s battery pack

I mean how many charge/discharge cycles have they been through?

Maybe less then 40 times

Maybe then 40 times

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30each or 4 for 125 is a strange deal :wink:

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You gotta give him creds where creds are due, 5 dollars more for 4 sounds like a great deal.


What ever dude

::shrug:: I was just surprised, most people charge less per item when you buy more since they don’t have to do as much handling/packaging/labeling/shipping.

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I was paying for the shipping :eyes::clap:t4: