Have a brand new Loaded Tesseract Deck that has been used on two rides - one 10 mile ride and one less than 5-mile ride. Just needed a deck to use to test a new battery and motor build out and didn’t have anything else readily available. I don’t see any visible scratches whatsoever, original grip tape and everything else is the same as it came from the factory. Have plenty of decks and this was given to me as payment from someone who owed me a few hundred dollars for some work I had done for him.

$175 obo. **** If purchased at full price I will include a *Psychotiller Enclosure for free that fits the deck perfectly ($70 value)

Located in Orange County, CA.

Will ship anywhere a buyer wants to pay for and make sure that it goes out in the mail the same/next day depending on the time of day.

Contact me here or email me directly at [email protected]

Description from the Loaded Website below.

The Loaded 39" Tesseract is designed for freeriding and downhill. Pressed with vertically laminated bamboo with triaxial epoxy and a cork veneer, it is stiff for stability. Measuring 39" in length and 9.75" in width, the symmetrical shape has kicktails for agility. The platform has rocker and a W concave for push comfort. The grip tape overflow acts as gas pedals without the angled edge. It has flared wheel wells prevent wheel bite and multiple wheelbase options.

Function: Downhill, Freeride Material: Vertically Laminated Bamboo, Triaxial Epoxy, Cork Veneer Features: Kicktails, Rocker, W Concave, Flared Wheel Wells, Multiple Wheelbase Options, Top Mount, Symmetrical Length: 39" Width: 9.75" Wheelbase: 24.5" - 26" Thickness: 0.5" Concave: 0.5" Rocker: 0.125" Hole Pattern: New School Grip: Die Cut Black Grip


pictures would be much appreciated


I’m interested! Planning a build on the basalt tesseract but they’re essentially the same in terms of measurements.

What kind of battery can the paychotiller enclosure hold? I was planning for a 10s6p for a dual drive if that helps!

Pictures would be great too. :slight_smile:

Interested, like the others said, lets see some pictures!

Hey guys, see below when you have time. @chris.hunt and @Wraith and now @Sender


As requested, here is some more info along with some pics of it I just took right now for anyone interested. I’ve been tied up with work so I have even taken everything off yet, but I will be doing that tonight or tomorrow as soon as I’m able to, it will just sit in living room until then…… lol.

The enclosure on the board is not the one you would get with a full price (or higher) offer, I actually have a brand new never been used one (see the pic of it by itself) that I would throw in for whoever makes the best offer and finalizes the purchase the quickest. I’m not sure how big of a battery the enclosure can hold max, but I would guess close to double the 10s3p what I have in there now…. My 10s3p with 2 FOC boxes leaves an incredible amount of room still and I also have a ¼ piece of foam / neoprene padding on each side of the battery to keep it snug…… I can tell you that the measurements for it are 18 x 6 x 1 1/4

Let me know here or on my email what everyone would like to do as I have received 5 inquiries in less than 12 hours and would like to figure it out and get it shipped by the end of the week or sooner.

P.S. I’m not sure if this helps anyone but I am able to accept payment pretty much any way you’d like to pay since I own a business so you can purchase the deck with any of the following you prefer…… cash, write transfer, bank transfer, paypal, credit card, debit card, zelle, venom, cash app, etc.

Let me know if anyone needs/wants anything else at all.

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