For sale: Mastercho enclosure, preferably Australian buyers, international still welcome

It’s been super long since I last posted here, and when I did, I was selling all my parts due to not having the time because of school obligations. Those obligations haven’t changed much yet, so still can’t devote any time to building another board or attempt to. I’ve sold all my parts now, except for the enclosure from @MasterCho . I thought that since I won’t be using it, better I sell it to someone who will, rather than let it sit around forever being unused…

I bought this all the way back in 2016, and to this day it is still in it’s box and unused. I recently just remembered this forum and have to say, I’m really impressed with how much it’s evolved. But to the sale, since I’ve been out for so long, I’m not entirely sure what a fair price is. I did buy the enclosure for a pretty penny, as it was at the time, really new and is made out of fiberglass, and it took a lot of time and effort in terms of the labor involved in making it.

I’m going to start around the price of $80 AUD plush shipping.

If you want to see pictures please refer to this post where it has my pictures. I will post recent pictures later, but it literally hasn’t come out of it’s box since, so it’s still ‘new’ and unused.

$80 shipped to Brisbane.

I’ll have to weigh and measure first to get an estimate, but I don’t think I’ll accept $80 shipped sorry.

no worries, don’t need it atm. Offer will stand if you don’t get a better one.

I may be in Melbourne later this year to pick up

Bump, if anyone still wants this. $90 shipped