FOR SALE: Maytech VESC (x3 left)

Hi guys,

EDIT: x3 VESCs are left.

I’m about to receive x4 Maytech VESCs that I ordered directly from Maytech. They were attended to be for two of my friends esk8 but things got complicated.

Now I’m offering them for sale, if someone is interested in them it will be great. (Currently I received only x2 VESCs, the rest are still on their way).

100.00 USD each + Shipping (PM me and I’ll check what should be the exact pricing to your country).

Estimated shipping rates (may vary): Europe, U.S. and Middle East should cost around $10.25 including tracking number. It’s insured for about $51.00. Should be in your country within 7 days, from there it depends on your local post.

Another shipment method is EMS, which will cost about $31.75 to Europe, $25 to U.S, and will take somewhere between 2-3 days to arrive to your country. It’s insured for $105.79. Oh, and it includes tracking number of course.



I’m afraid your timing is very bad. Eneretion just had a big sell where they sold focboxes for ~90 dollars. You should try to sell them again in a couple of weeks imo. Best of luck


People who wanted to buy Vescs have probably stocked up on Focboxes on Cyber Monday for just 100USD I think. You will have a hard time selling these full price and will have to accept taking a huge loss - I hope it won’t be too bad. Sorry :frowning:

Edit: @L3chef was quicker


You are right, bad timing. Enertion will probably raise the price to the original listing at some point. I’m offering mine until they will be all sold out, I just don’t have any use with them at the moment.

It’s either they will be sold in few weeks / months, or I’ll find someone who will want a build from me. :heart_eyes_cat:

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UPDATE: x1 VESC sold, x3 more to go.

Currently, I have one VESC to sale, the other two VESCs are on there way.

UPDATE: I got them all.

Price is now $75.00 I have two VESCs left.