For Sale: MBS ATS Trucks, wheels & motor mounts

I have had these laying around for months, Im just not going to get around to using them. I have too many other builds going on to even consider what I would do with these. Everything is brand new, never even mounted. Maybe someone out there on the interwebs can make better use of them.

x2 12008 - MBS ATS Truck (1) > Cost: 29.95 each x4 13018 - Complete 7" Knobby Wheel (1) > Cost: 19.95 each MBS ATS 12 motor clamps (by @marcmt88) > Cost: $77.00 x2 motor plates arms to fit 150/200mm wheels (by @marcmt88) > Cost: $64.80 Total Cost: $281.50

I’m asking $250 shipped anywhere in the US. International shipping will be at cost. I would trade for Surf Rodz TKP’s, new 30q pack, maybe some other stuff just hit me up. PM with questions please.


IMG_2404 IMG_2402 IMG_2406 IMG_2405


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Somebody me an offer before I have to build something with these. :grinning:

sold, thanks folks