For Sale: New sensored SK3 6364-170kv motors

I’m selling 2 new sensored SK3 6364-170kv motors for $105 each as I decided to go with different motors for my build. Located in NYC. I prefer to meet locally, but willing to ship within the US.



$105 for both? Or a piece?

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Each motor. They’re new

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Where did you get them?

Pretty motors!


Hobby king. They look like turnigy sk3 just with the sticker removed. Did the same to mine

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They are sensored so they probably came from one of the group buys that were held years ago

Or direct from the factory


@Bobby Matey there was a group buy directly from the factory a while back where they sold the sk3 motors with sensors.

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Got it… didn’t notice the sensors

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Yeah, they’re from a factory group buy from around a month ago

Someone take these before I fold again… Did your GB up-spec anything else? Magnets, glue, bearings?

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Shaft keyways