FOR SALE O'tang Kegels with 54 teeth pulleys [EU]

Good evening Ladies and Gents,

I have some very nice O’tang wheels with some very nice pulleys from Boosted HQ😂

The pulleys have 54 teeth and are 16mm wide (for 15mm belts) and they come with 4 zealous bearings for the front Kegels, 2 normal bearings for the back wheels and 2 larger bearings for the pulley.

I will ship them for €95 all inclusive!

54 teeth? These aren’t for the usual htd5 belts most of us use?

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mmmmmmmm hahahaha, I don’t know actually. These are what Boosted uses on their boards)

EDIT: I think these are for 3M-15 belts if that tells you anything))

Yeah, these are HTD3M 16 mm pulleys for 15 mm belts. You can actually easily find belts and motor pulleys for them!!!

Still available)

Do you still have them , what is the price ? location ?

@BoostedBuilder is In Switzerland I believe. I think I have a set of kegels in the cupboard if he doesn’t have them or is Awol. (I’m in the UK)