FOR SALE: “Tesla Boosted” | Loaded Vanguard | 10S4P | Focbox Unity | Dual 6354 | Black Caguamas | Caliber Trucks | Eboosted Enclosures

Finished my first DIY build! Just wanted to share the final results!

Thank you to @thisguyhere for the battery and all his help (seriously couldn’t have done this without you man). Thank you to @Eboosted for the enclosures.Thank you to @JLabs for the motors and great customer service. And thank you to anyone else who helped me with questions I had!




Are those @Eboosted enclosures?

The board looks great. Now i hope you find an actual boosted board and put it to shame

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That’s one clean build! Good job man!


yea for a first build that’s pretty freggin great.

how’s it ride?


Seems pretty good so far! Haven’t had much time to ride it recently haha.

This is what the boosted should have been, sweet build.


Wow, sleek build! I am just starting my first build, which motor mount are u using? do u mind to share your part list of your board? Thank u!

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Very clean looking build bro :+1: This is what I vision my board to be but unfortunately I’m still a little short from achieving this look :sob:

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Fantastic looking build - I’m in the same process with my Vanguard, it’s taken ages and I’m about 1/3 of the way there. Are there any shots of the inside of your enclosures? I’d be interested in seeing how you’ve arranged everything. Also, what gaskets are under the enclosure? Lots of questions, haha! Thanks dude! :+1: :sunglasses:

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Proud to see my pulley covers on there! This is one swank ass build my dude!


This is total badassery. What type of cell did you use for the battery? Did you go with Tesla cells?

Does anyone want to buy this? Thinking about selling it or parting it out.

Already?! How come?

I just like the control of the regular boosted board so much more. I’m not a fan of voltage control with the unity.

Can’t you optimize it so the control is more less the same? Haven’t used a unity so not sure what you mean by voltage control.

Might be interested in the drive train if the price is right.

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Like the rear trucks, mounts, pulley covers, motor pulleys, motors, belts, and screws all in one piece?

pm’d so i don’t fill the thread haha

sell it on forum. cause ppl respond more there. list your parts and everything and prices and location.

i might want the enclosures and all the stuff inside it depending on some other stuff.

Ok thank you. Depending on what?

idk, can i see the battery internals? i might want the battery and the enclosures.