For Sale - Trampa Urban Carver, Ultimate Titanium, Stickies, 6.5" wheels and 7" wheels + Chiboards custom battery

Trampa Holypro Urban Carver with V6 VESC, Beast Box, Ultimate Titanium Springs.

3 sets of wheels and superstar hubs: Stickies, 7 inch innova, 6.5" urban threads

Chiboards Custom 12s4p 44.4v 10 AH Samsung 25R Pack (cost $575)

Ridden 6 times, less than 5 miles total use. Perfect condition

14 ply Holypro carve deck 136kv Motor Green Dampas Maytech rechargable remote and receiver

$1200 + shipping in US.

Iā€™m interested. Where in the US?

Phoenix, Arizona

Still available ?

Yes - still available. I have another person interested, so first come, first served.

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Here is a link to a video of the board running taken today and some additional pictures.

Video and more Pictures