For Sale: TSG Pass (XL / Satin Purple)

Hey guys selling this XL TSG Pass after I purchased from @mmaner. Turns out it’s too large on me so I picked up another helmet. It’s in perfect condition and as he stated in his sell thread it was his son’s and never actually used. I was really sad it didn’t fit me. It comes with;


200, let me know

Not budging on price I’m selling exactly what I bought it for less than a month ago.It might be a little cheaper than 250 depending on shipping. I have never used it and it’s just sitting in the box. It’s an unused item. Only selling it as used since someone before me also had it just sitting in the box unused. The price is actually $235 plus up to $22 for shipping anywhere in the U.S.

@DJase do you still have it? I’m interested. Measured my head today at 59cm.