For Sale: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6364 213 KV & Turnigy Trackstar 1/5th Scale Sensorless 200amp 8s Opto Car ESC

Used only a few times. Plan on putting my Longboard back to normal and starting a DR setup from scratch. $40 for few SK3 213 KV & $60 for the esc. Comes with the programming card. Free shipping to continental us only. It won’t let me upload images because I’m a new user.

I’ll take the sk3 off your hands, but would love to see some pics once you account lets you


Just go comment on some other threads. The best place to comment is the GOT

once you have done 4 or 5 posts you can upload images.

ALSO: as well as photos, make sure you put the full specs, the exact qty of parts, brand names, how old the stuff is etc.

I’ll buy one too if you have multiple.

Only a month old. I only have 1 motor and 1 esc that I’m selling. The specs can be found here ( Replaced the 4mm bullet connectors with 5.5mm bullet connectors.

I’ll shoot you a message about the sk3, as I am serious about buying it-

just one thing: did you grind a flat spot for the pulley, did you make a keyway, and did you just torque down on the set screw? could you also post a pic of the motor where the shaft is shown (i.e. off the mount)


I posted a thread called “Electric Longboards for Larger Riders” which sort of explains why I’m selling these items. I’m gonna try a few people have suggested, so I’m going to postpone selling these items for now.

no worries, just shoot me a message though if you ever end up selling that motor!