For Sale UK - Trampa street carver £550 + Shipping SOLD

strong textAll brand new, never completed so never ridden, see pics! Worth over £800 - £550 takes the lot :slight_smile:

Etoxx Dual Beltdrive Trampa Street Carver - £280 Trampa 35° 15ply SOLID TRAMPA Carve Deck - £175 Trampa street carver pulley kit - £100 Trampa Bearings - £24 Trampa stickies - £70 Trampa Infinity Trucks - £165

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@dareno can you please share your thoughts on this…

If I buy everything new I come to 814£… Even less as you wrote higher prices for some articles than they are on the trampa website. Why people should by yours instead of new parts from trampa? It’s 800£ shipped or without shipping?

I don’t think he has put a price, simple what they are worth new. On offers I think :+1:t2: That’s how I read it anyway

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I understand this like: from 800£ I take offers, below no. Maybe it’s just written strange for my understanding :sweat_smile:

Everything is priced correctly, its all brand i am open to sensible offers.

Apologies, i just read it back and can see why it would confuse people. updated :slight_smile:

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:sweat_smile: yeah now it’s fine though :ok_hand: good luck with selling! Sad that you didn’t want/can make your own build out of it.

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yes indeed it is a shame… getting batteries sorted are a bitch in the UK.

Any idea what shipping to the US would cost?

Pretty easy to spot weld yourself or just get Kevin Dark to make u one

ill admit, after seeing so many boards erupting into fire i do not feel confident in doing it myself. I had Kevin Dark making 2 pack’s for me but it took so long to get them completed i got a refund.

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Im not sure but i can find out for you.

Hi were in the uk are you?

I’m pretty sure it’d be prohibitive, but there may be others out there that are curious.

Im based near Wiltshire area near Bath/Bristol

Hi there is the board still for sale. Many thanks spike

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Yes still for sale :slight_smile:

Hey there! Are you willing to part it out? Or selling a complete board?

Preferably sell as a whole board