For sale: Unikboards complete setup: dual 6355 190kv + a lot more! (EU)

Hi all,

Since I don’t have time anymore to complete this DIY build I’m selling all my parts. At this point I’m not selling individual parts yet. I’m located in the Netherlands and willing to ship anywhere, buyer pays for shipping.

Lots of stuff has already been sold.

Some used parts:

  • Turnigy Eskate VESC


Youre only selling in the two bundles? Or will you part out?

Willing to part it out, but not individual parts :slight_smile: please send me a DM

How much for the “Unikboards spartancell 7500mAh / 36v / 10S3P with BMS and charger”? Can you ship it to Sweden? Thanks in advance

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Also interested in remote+receiver and focbox and would love to know the prices for these aswell

If u are interested i will buy the remote enclosure immediately would much prefer just the white enclosure .

Would ya do that ?