For Sale [US] 2 Maytech VESC With Fried Drv

Fried the drv chip luckily I convinced someone to buy me focboxes for christmas 100 bucks for the 2? I can ship through usps Just kidding now both of my things are broke.

Oh boy, I broke em doin the unspeakable act with maytechs lol

Do you mean FOC ?

yeah they had seemed to work when I played with it last night. Now they’re both pulling drv errors. I don’t really need them since the enertion sale but I guess I could keep them as backups

Ide say they are more worth keeping for practice repairing later on if you feel like it

If you decide to keep them, it might be cheaper and easier to just send them to the Drv wizard for repair. @JohnnyMeduse

@Namasaki @scepterr I’ll just hang on to them then. Thanks dudes

can someone delete this thing for me?

You could send them back to Maytech for a refund as they seem so adamant on their social media accounts that their Vescs can do FOC no problem??

They’re also second hand so I don’t even know where they came from or when they were bought