For sale Vesc Hub motor battery remote

These are brandnew never used parts. (enless specified)

1 Jacob hub motor 1 Vesc 1 winning remote 1 48 volt 11ah Lifepo4 with bms 1 Used Jacob hub motor 1 Winning remote 1 Vesc All items are in great condition please pm if with an offer for what you would like to buy. Please comment with any questions PS I’m in Chicago I will drop it off if you live near me.

That is not a real Jacob Hub is it? There are the pins missing that fix it to the truck.

Thanks :). But it works great and still rides smooth. And you are correct this is an earlier version of his hubs

there is this grub screw that holds up pretty well

How much for the VESC shipped to the UK please?

Shipping is $15 plus is $80 per Vesc fair so total $175?

What cells are in the battery?

They are LG lifepo4

How many continuous amps does that battery and BMS output?

Is the vesc still for sale? Single

What about that little hub lol.

How much do you want for the battery?

Yes still for sale

Hub is also still for sale

Send me a pm

Is the VESC still available?

Yes only 1 tho

what the bottom line for the whole lot?

@Mikee this VESC i bought from you was inferior. Low quality build and missing caps = extremely low, lackluster power output. Unfortunately it was unusable, I had to buy another, proper one elsewhere.