For the people who can't footbrake

You should probably still learn…


I don’t need to footbrake!!! I never get speed wobbles cause I use @skateboardstabilizer TECH!!!

9 Likes is no longer in the internets… so if you don’t have it already, you probably won’t get it.


So you’re saying I have a limited edition item?

“Looking for trades for my Limited Edition skateboard stabilizer. Willing to accept Carvon V4 or 10 sets of ABEC 107s.”


did you actually buy some of them…? :rofl:



I also own a bridge in Mongolia, and I’m technically Nigerian royalty since I donated to their prince.


the asphalt in my area makes foot breaking hard, lots of grain and loose gravel usually ends in charlie brown moments -.-

Lucky me I can footbrake at 40km/h no issues and it should be my board’s top speed One less thing for me to buy, But I’ve always imagined that in an emergency I would hit the brakes and footbrake same time!

Usually that kind of asphalt makes foot-breaking easier.

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maybe its how im transitioning, actually thinking about it my shoes look like mickeythompsons the soles are completely gone!!

I don’t believe you. and I won’t until i see a video of you doing this.

you said, before you started building your board that you’d never ridden before :thinking:


when did I say that?! I have 2 longboards one cruiser and one DH freeride and I’ve been a longboarder boy for over a year! And Now I put on 90mm wheels and took of the 80a 70mm Slide wheels so it would be scary to do the same stunt without an option for an emergency Slide, If you like this post I will try send you pics that show that I got the Gear to do it!


i don’t want pictures of your gear, i wanna see a video of you successfully footbraking at 40kmph


I have Brakeboard longboard brakes and I love them :wink:

Yesterday my grubscrew undid itself from vibration so my breaks failed so I almost shit myself while trying to footbreak

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if that happens again, I recommend turning as wide as possible (to slow down) then turning into somebody’s driveway and making a final dismount. i’ve had to do it a few times

Few tips about foot braking.

At speed don’t straighten your foot like you were if pushing. Keep it angled

Heel down first

Foot brake toes pointed towards the board

If you step to fast with your toes pointed inward your leg will stop and stabilize against the board

If you have your toes straight or outward your leg will follow and you will do a split.

And street face…


Im riding on sidewalks and left from me is a road and right is usually a wall or something lol I just didnt put loctite on the screw in my 300km of driving it happened only 2 times and only when I wouldnt apply any glue to the screw, im just lazy

  1. riding on sidewalks pisses people off. avoid it if possible

  2. turn into the road (if no cars are coming) and proceed with my earlier instructions


Heel down first is an important step, Once I tried toes in first It felt like a strong smack to the place where you can see bone lines going into the toes.