For those desperately waiting for an Enertion support's reply

Hello Enertion team, since I can’t in touch with you via support tickets, let’s try this way.

I sent a request for a refund and still waiting for an answer. And for god’s sake I won’t pay 20% (~300€) cancellation fees to a company which have backlog orders, on an item that didn’t arrive at the expected time (wanted to ride it this summer,but that slept through the cracks) this is just a nonsense.

For customers that can’t contact them either, just do like I did, contact ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Comission). Their website is available here

I advise you to make a consumer complaint explaining them the ridiculous situation you find yourself in. I’m pretty sure ACCC can also help us with the 20% cancellation fee. Here the webpage to file a complaint

I guess that if they have enough requests they’ll end up contacting Enertion. This company is just freewheeling, taking our money hostage, let’s make them meet their obligations.

Bet this post will be removed soon, at best I’ll be contacted by Enertion to remove it, it will be an opportunity to discuss my refund. This situation is just crazy.

Courage to you all, the common effort will prevail.


Or be patient and wait… my unitys finally came, pretty much bang on 3 months from order.

This is enertion’s forum. The new community-funded forum is over yonder.


I ordered on february this year, wanted to ride this summer with some friends, summer has gone now, and so did my friends. So I just would like to have a refund, which I have already kindly asked multiple times. 1500€ is not nothing for me, I can’t left it in the wild like this.

I know it’s Enertion forum thanks, that’s why I post here, trying to have an answer.

EDIT: Thanks for the link anyways :slight_smile:

Have you tried talking to your credit card company?

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I have a really basic credit card, without included insurances etc… I’ll call them tomorrow if still no answer from Enertion but I think they won’t do anything. Still worth to give it a try i guess

Not going to go for the raptor 110% money back guarantee?


Or maybe they mean Australian summer :thinking:


Lol this banner is here for ages, no ?

@venom121212 So wait. They are back order on Unities, since last year for some, but they guarantee their raptor, which runs on unity, in a matter of weeks??

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unities? peanuts! I am waiting for a full refund of a raptor 2.1 with sparewheels and remote since february (ordered June 2018). they couldn’t send it to switzerland and I am STILL waiting for a refund they promised over and over again. we are talking 1800USD. :upside_down_face:


Wtf man, there are no words

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I wonder what would happen if someone ordered 500 raptors and didn’t receive them by the end of summer :thinking:

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He would have 750k up the ass, as simple as that

@venom121212 You’d have the same problem as the refunds for unities. 110% is just words like all the other promises. I bet you they might even charge the restock fee of 20% on top of it. 1800usd x500= 900k/ 900k refund= 990k/ 990k restock fee= 792k refund/ So you’d be giving them an extra 108k usd to play with. I might be mistaken but I doubt you want to try tk prove me wrong by testing it :joy:

The legal mess alone is enough to make me shudder.

I’d definately be cutting my world tour short to fix my companies issues it’s getting pretty rabid on the socials not just the forum. At this rate I feel like if I ever get my unity it’ll be a miracle. didn’t drunk Jason say in England over a month ago in 4 weeks (that date was 7 days ago) they’ll be in Stock on amazon US? Haha what a joke :cry:

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Lol i finally got an answer for my refund request

Ofcourse you did. This forum is monitored by jason

Carl answered my email ticket, but I think this is just another copy/paste mail

Ofcourse it is. Imagine if they were to give real honest personal responses to each of the hundreds of angry clients :joy: I doubt employees are paid well enough to put that kind of effort for someone else’s company failures :wink: