For users of All Terrain wheels

I would like to know some feedback from someone who ride dem.

Are they good for e-board how do they handle rough asphalt and rocks on the street.

I have some really bad streets and i need to cross some city rails and some of them are too much for my 80mm wheels.

Would these help me with that and the tiny annoying rocks on the street and overall the skating experience idk?

Thank you.

I had them on my Trampa Street Carver. They actually rode quite well, but unfortunately you will still feel all those little tiny rocks and such. Even though it’s labeled as an “all terrain” wheel, I don’t know how much all terrain you can actually do with them. They look cool, and maybe offer slightly better traction for rough or loose surface riding, but it’s marginal at best.


Yeh u should go with pneumatics if u want to improve ride comfort

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mbs wheels are a huge step up from shitty 83mm clones. more comfort, better clearance.

but they can’t beat 97 or 107mm genuine flywheels.

and of course if u want the most comfort, can’t beat pneumatics


Pros : cool looking , 100mm , very good traction when turning at high speed, stiff carving. work great on flat, possible for some dirt street like in picture cons : lot of vibration since it is hard rubber. you will basically feel everything you ride over even small rock

I’ve used them for about a year, only con i have is that riding over smooth surfaces, you still get vibrations from the “thread” pattern. Other than that, they’ve been flawless.


I used them for my first build and have been on them for almost a week now and i love them i rode on the same street with the Genesis Eboard with 90mm wheels and I feel a big difference in how it handles bumps and crack and small rocks. It really rolls over everything I have tried nicely, but like what the others have say you do still feel it, but you still conquer it.

Thank you all for the input. Ye i can imagine that the rocks will still be there but i had some moments when my wheel got stuck on a stick or something like this :)) (at low speed) and is annoying.

Im looking forward to buys some now that i got the positive feedback.

I would love some pneumatics but they are too expensive for me now Since i will have to change my motor mount transmisions pulleys etc :\