Force firmware update on smart bms

I have this bms (maxgo mkbms-ssmini-12s based on the Ennoid smart bms project).

When I first powered-on the bms it seemed to be working fine and I was able to configure it with the ennoid-bms-tool. Although it is the maxgo bms it came with the Ennoid firmware. When I plugged in my charger, the bms claimed my battery was fully charged at roughly 42V, but it’s a 12s battery and the charger indicated it was charging, so this was a false reading or something was misconfigured (though I sure it was updated and the configuration seamed correct). I decided to update the firmware on it and try reconfiguring again. I believe I updated it with the wrong firmware as it updated to the Ennoid-ss-24 vesrion 5.4 (I’m really not certain what the correct firmware should be). The firmware update was successful, but after configuring it, I got an error “error 12” on the lcd screen when powering it on. This is when I did something wrong (or multiple things wrong) because I tried reconfiguring the settings again and now it won’t connect. The Ennoid-bms-tool says failed to read firmware and please make sure you’re using the correct port. The lcd screen also no longer powers on, and the button doesn’t power off bms.

I have ruled out a bad cable, usb port, computer, software, et cetera.

I have also tried unplugging everything and plugging it back in.

Unless there’s something else causing this, the issue is that the flash image/ configuration is corrupted and i need to reprogram it manually to at least get it back to it’s working state.

If the bootloader is still intact I should be able to just re-update the firmware, the issue is that I can’t force the software to connect (it auto disconnects after the firmware version isn’t detected). I believe this may be possible using a tool like avrdude for the STM32 chip. If not maybe it’s possible to reprogram it using an Arduino.

The problem is I’m not experienced doing this. I have some experience but I need help setting things up correctly.

If anyone here has any experience with building/programming these smart bms and can help me reprogram mine. Thanks a million.