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Hello I am from Poland so every part that i will order will be from europe :smiley: , I registered just recently but have been reading some topic for couple of weeks. I have found some parts that i thought i should share with you guys to get your opinion :smiley: I want to buy simple parts for first build and can improve in future if I will know that this is the thing for me. The main thing that i will want to do with this build after i will complete it is building firefly ( which i found on this forum too ) remote but without the telemetry just simple version with one function to go forward.

Those are the parts that i found:

deck: I bought used longboard and will use deck from it. I have put a link for similar shape of deck to the one that I have.

motor: This is the motor that i choose

battery: Cheap battery that i found 6s.

balance charger: This charger was recommended for the battery that i choose.

ESC: I know the recommended thing is the VESC but for now i want to try the bad way :stuck_out_tongue:

Remote: This is the remote that i have found on this forum but I’m not sure if it is good option just because I do not have enough experience. It will be replaced with my own build just as I have said in the beggining.

Wheels: I think Orangatang-Kegel-80mm-80a is popular choice so will go with it.

Trucks: The same with trucks so Caliber II

Drivetrain: I want to find DIY Motor Pulley, Wheel Pulley, Drive Belt, The Motor Mounting Plate and Truck Clamping Parts which I can print on 3d printer. Firstly I will try to buy ready made Motor pulley and drive belt + motor mounting pland and truck clamping but want to 3d print as much as I can. I tried to find some 3d projects for those parts but had no luck maybe you guys can tip what should i write in search to find those 3d projects.

I will appreciate every help and will anserw any questions about my build :smiley:

Hey, welcome, don’t forget to register on real diy esk8 forum too!

Deck: your personal choice

Trucks: caliber II are popular and they are good basic trucks

Motor: sk3 are usually good motors, but your choice is really small motor with high kv, I would get something else

Esc: please, try to spend little bit more and get yourself at least flipsky 4.12 based on vesc (around 50$ shipped) - it will give you taste of real diy esk8 feeling, wide range of remotes and everything is programmable with vesc tool. And it will have some resale value or you can easy add another one for dual drive. This esc you want to buy probably won’t give you smooth controls and you probably won’t even like riding your esk8.

Battery: nowadays 10s is somewhat minimum. Here I wouldn’t spare any money. If you get yourself good battery you could always use it in next build or sell it later. Granted, with battery of your choice you could always add another 6s lipo in series to have 12s. But on 6s only I believe you won’t be happy for long.

Charger: with 10s battery any 10s charger, they can be found for as low as 10$

Mounts: don’t print your mount, so many things could go wrong. You will have to repair your clamp and mount almost every ride. Especially on single drive, when you lose your mount you are loosing brakes too, or in worst case, you will faceplant immediately. go with @dickyho mounts. He has shop on ebay, cheap but great mounts for that price. He has pulleys too, but wheel pulley could also be printed. Also you can get motors from him , as far as I know, people like them.

Remote: finally something you could save your cash! I can vouch for gt2b (around 26$) + some nice 3d printed case and you are golden.

In some parts you really have to put a little bit more money even in your first build.


Firstly thank you for reply :slight_smile:

I have tried to find real diy esk8 forum but the only one which i found was this one https://forum./ so is this the forum that you meant?

Motor I have found this motor but it appears that it needs 10s battery just as you said that i will need it and now I’m thinking about buying the 10s Thats the 10s that i found Battery and this is the remote you have been talking about ? Remote

So I will talk to dickyho about mounts. But do you know where I find 3d project for wheel pulleys because i couldnt find any big topic with those. But i know for sure there has to be because those orangatan wheels are prettty popular :D?

yeah thats the real forum :slight_smile:

don’t worry about declared motor voltage. you can use declared 10s motor on any voltage, there won’t be problem. anyway your vesc will “dose” voltage to motor depending on your throttle pull. maybe 6s motor won’t work with 10s battery (probably weaker bearings and too high rpm for 6s motor to handle) - I am not 100% sure in that. this motor you linked is good and popular motor - again maybe better to go with lower kv.

battery - I would go with li ion. you could search for not much used battery here or on another forum, but beware, li ion usually costs more than lipo in the start but in the long terms li ion have more cycles and are much safer. also you could buy custom made battery here in EU, there are few of us building them. minimum you will have to pay for custom battery is around 200 eur for 10s3p 30Q with bms (thats 9Ah battery)

yeah that’s remote I am talking about. look at for mods. you can find pulleys there too. I think most people download and print pulleys from there.

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I will look at this thingverse when I will come back home. I have registered on this forum and read couple of articles. I’m going to figure out what parts I will buy parts taking in mind your recommendations. Thanks for help :smiley:

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