FORSALE: TB VESC 4.12 with PPM cable and bluetooth receiver

everything is in great condition. Selling for $55 including shipping and paypal fees.

You do realize a new TB is 85$ with warranty?

For that price you can have 3 on aliexpress… Maybe it’s not the same quality, but still…

I didn’t know it was that cheap. It used to be 120. Price will be updated to $85 including shipping and PayPal fees

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If someone wants to make a dual, I have one with a busted programing port I’ll let go for $50 shipped OBO. It still runs fine and only has a few miles on it

Bump $80 shipped

You aren’t gonna sell this used at that price :confused: you can get 4.12 vescs on AliExpress for $50

Yeah but it’s not a Chinese knockoff it happens to be a great reliable vesc

The ones I purchased for $50 have lasted me hundreds of miles and been completely reliable. Not trying to give you a hard time, just saying that you may need to lower your price to sell it


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where are you shipping from? what connectors are on it?

NY. xt-90 male

$50 on aliexpress, where?

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Will you take $55 for it?

$58 Actually!!

what bluetooth receiver is this?