Forum availability issues? 500 / Oops and etc

I was just about to start a new thread about this! Glad i’m not the only one experiencing it (well, also not glad :frowning: riperino)

There’s three errors one like @Andy87 is experiencing and another like @mynamesmatt is getting.

There’s a third I’ve gotten. I’ll try and replicate it and update this post with a screenshot.

I can barely use the site. Took me like 20 minutes to send a four word message earlier

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I thought server maintenance?

Same here. I have just realized that I am addicted :joy:

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Yeah I definitely have a problem

Issues started happening around 10:30am Central time for me, completely inaccessible till midday. Intermittent for me for the rest of the day.

I have found that attempting to reload the page is far less effective than clicking into the address bar and pressing enter. It’s very odd.

Going back a page also seems much more likely to fail. But once you click back it usually works if you refresh through the address bar.

Been getting slightly better behavior when accessing it over mobile. But not really enough to make a difference

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I want my money back this is bull $hi# . Writing a letter

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The same with me. On the laptop I can’t use it at all. Mobile it’s working so so but with a lot of tries and refresh I can come to a thread

Have a small panic now…how to manage my work day without proper forum… :see_no_evil: Yesterday evening I was so desperated that I actually started to work on my boards again instead of just reading how to make it … :joy: :joy: :joy:


Likewise, I have also found that entering via a google link will work sometimes but “refresh” will likely not…

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If I refresh over the address column it usually works after one new load. As min for me on the mobile version

5 refresh to get this this to load today

Got my job done faster than I have all week (3 weeks) tonight. Probably because I wasn’t looking at my phone. Now I’m home and I’m nowhere close to ready for bed.

such a pain when you wanna upload photos that you take from the phone. Once the upload fails you lose the photo :neutral_face:

Started a day ago for me

Bloody hell …



Can anyone with a VPN try accessing the site from various places around the world? Perhaps there’s just one server that’s having the issues.

There are no more than one server :smiley:

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