(FOUND)3dservisas.eu Dual Vesc 4.12 Heatsink

Hey was just wondering if anybody has this 3dservisas.eu dual vesc 4.12 heatsink lying around since they’re not on the site anymore, maybe @Kug3lis you have some stashed somewhere?


I’ve got 1, what you have to trade?


I mean mmaner has a job, maybe you would want cash on top of the vesc casing? :slight_smile:

I know if I wasnt building this cursed Trampa then I would be all the DD cool

Dont you dare try to steal my only chance in finding one. just saying.

haha I meant the DD, I dont have anymore 4.xx - non focbox vescs

Welp ive already got the DD ordered, im just paranoid after i didnt order the unity.

I think your vesc should be fine, its a TB vesc?

I yeeted mine up to 40 amps per vesc when I had my space cell and it was dandy, but like I said in the PM they struggled with heat dissapation

I dunno how this one performs compared to the efficiency of the focbox one, but im sure that it will be fine for someone as light as you :man_shrugging:

70c dosdent seem fine to me especially when my board feels like a meepo.

70 :rofl:

Try 95c and thats only halfway down the hill :sob:

Once I cut the enclosure to allow airflow over them - as you should do with the outside of the heatsink - you’ll be cash money

as ive explained many times theres NO WAY im cutting into my psychotiller enclosure

I can understand that, but as I said before on my focboxes in the kug3 case, once I exposed them to air they NEVER went above 60c, and that was lead thumbing it at the base of a massive hill, 40a for the single drive

I can understand why, but Ill never NOT have a way to dissipate heat outside of the enclosure ever again, its just too efficient

@mmaner thanks :wink: please close the thread.