Found...Canadian source for Abec 11 Flywheels 97mm 75a

Seems like these wheels are out of stock everywhere including Evolve USA. It may be true that Abec 11 will not produce these wheels anymore since their 2016 web site don’t list the 97mm in 75a duro. Just recently found these wheels to be available at Longboarder Labs in Vancouver, BC. They are quite pricey at $169.95 cdn. Broke down and bought a set. Doesn’t hurt as much when there’s a favorable US/Cdn exchange rate. They do have a web site but the wheels are not listed. Purchased the wheels at their store. They have about 5 sets in their display case.

I would just wait for these

They only sell to MetroBoard owners. Tried to purchase a pulley from them in the past and was told they don’t sell parts for the DIY market.