(FOUND)Easy 3d Print job -Person Needed

Hey, can anyone make me a print me a flat sheet of abs or pla about a few mm thick? I drilled a hole and regretted it… and need a flat sheet of plastic to cover it up, job should be preety simple

L= 1.5 inches W= 1.3 inches H= few mm thick. two pieces above^

and another one

L= 2.4 inches W= 1.3 inches H= few mm thick ^two pieces above

4 pieces 3d printed total.


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Why do you need 4 plates to cover a single hole?

Also why not patch it with something like epoxy?

I used kydex and abs cement to patch a similar hole.


well i like to have extras and only really need one of each

i have kydex but its super thin

one piece is meant to cover up the switch hole and the smaller hole while the shorter plate was only meant to cover up the small hole

Bondo maybe?

Should t be able to patch it with the abs cement

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the hole is preety big…

Cover the front with tape and flood the pocket from inside


i want it to look clean… mabye some m2 screws with a nut to hold the plate in

@psychotiller any suggestions? what do you use to patch your enclosures or do you just ditch em and make a new one :rofl:

I would fill it with epoxy you could put Kydex on the inside and then fill it with epoxy using the kydex as a backing

i 99% sure im gonna mess up doing that.

@psychotiller doesn’t make amateur mistakes like that…


You don’t have to do me like that you know. :sob::sob:

@Sender but i am an amateur so you’ve got nothing to say

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I couldn’t resist.

Though I agree to fill it. That should be fine for real though.

Im gonna mess up as i said…

I used to use these a lot for vacuum forming and other shit.


Just ABS sheets.

@barajabali Don’t have a Dremel :rofl:

@Sender if my antispark didn’t fail the hole would of never been their so i call that one antispakrs fault

A straight edge and a box cutter is all you need man

Take a few solid passes then crack it off. Sometimes old school is the best way

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Dontz have that either… pretty sure stores don’t let amateurs buy blades anyways, the last time i checked

But thanks for the advice anyways, im gonna stick to my original plan as printing a flat piece of plastic shouldnt be that hard or time consuming.