(FOUND)Looking for Mini Remote in NYC

Hey anyone got a mini remote in NYC? just attempted to pick up my board with one hand and dropped my remote causing the on/off switch to short out and burn the copper traces on the pcb :rofl:

@mmaner please close it ill just order one from @thisguyhere

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I think @Bobby has one *he’s in cali tho

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Welp gonna ride my scooter than

You’re not supposed to tell anyone. Just do it and get it over with and bury your shame.


plus it isdnt even a great idea with a fracture brace (i tried) :sob:

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Oh i know. I’ve been riding my flintstone skateboard. Can’t ride my bike. :man_shrugging:t2:

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im lucky i didnt get a cast and my insurance covered everything (cant say the same for rest of america)

just tried to push my spud with enertion hubs home at 21 pounds… nogo for a 1.2 mile trip

i dont consider enertion hubs “hubs” more like dual 6374 belt drive

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it’s on the way!

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Wtf, do you check your store every 10 mins? and isdnt usps closed at 5pm :rofl:

but thanks

Time zones my dude

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oh shit yeah ca is 3 hours behind or im just 3 hours too fast.