Found some 5" Pneumatics

Hey guys, I was searching the internet for some small pneumatic wheels and I came across these:

A little pricey but their replacement wheels for some roller skates made by a company called powerslide. Thoughts? I’ve never used pneumatics and was trying to find them as small as possible for a street board.

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There are 5" skike wheels for like 10€ a piece including tire, tube and hub. However these skate wheels require modification as they don’t fit on standard trucks (they are too wide). Just search the forum - there have been numerous posts about this.

I searched through most of them. The only working link I could find was to a German website that seemed to only sell the hub.

EDIT: Nevermind, they don’t seem to sell them from their US/Canada site, but they do sell the hub tire and tube from

51.16 Euros for a set of 4. Not bad! Shipping to Canada is another 50 Euros though :cry:

Wheel pulleys can be found at as well.

I designed and uploaded a 50t wheelpulley

Don’t forget that you will need a lathe to make the wheels fit a standard truck.

Oh awesome! 50t would be perfect for my setup. I think I’ll have to hold off on them though… My wallet just can’t take anymore ESK8 parts :sob:

Although, I noticed this 3d printable hub

Assuming the wheel pulley and hub would hold up it would be much cheaper to print those and just buy the tires and tubes.

I just noticed that you designed the hub as well. Are they designed to fit a regular longboard truck or do they need to be bored out as well?

fits regular trucks but I printed it in ABS+ and it did not hold the 6.3bar

Those look great.

Damn, that would be a great option. I also found these on thingiverse:

They seem like they might be a little beefier. The person that made them said they haven’t tested them in the road but it might be worth a shot.

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Nice - didn’t know someone else tried this already. my plan is to go for 6x2" wheels with the next print.

Have you tried the 5" wheels? do they except skateboard truck sized bearings 8, 9.5 or 12mm?

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What about surfrodz with longer axles?

*damn it @Smatt . Just realized you bumped a 2 year dead thread… lol :rofl:

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I want gonna design hubs for these wheels out of acetal, but I was informed by someone who has tried these wheels that they are really too thin (1" contact patch) and don’t work very well for esk8. Seems most people that try these think that 6x2 inch wheels are really the way to go.

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