[Found] speed washers

Looking for about 20 or so. Located in Los Angeles, Ca, United States.

Any good?

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I saw this, was hoping another user had gotten something like this in the past and had left overs I could buy.

I have quite a lot of them left if you are in need. I have those exact ones

That would be amazing @Boardnamics, I’ll send a pm.

You need it now or when you’ll have all the stuff from me?

When you ship the stuff. If you have some that would be easier.

@Boardnamics is sending something to me already, if he hasn’t yet he can include that and I’ll pass it along

@scepterr @Boardnamics Sounds great, I like the idea of this delivery chain.

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lol yeaaah supply chaiin…Ok lets do it

I will once again ship it with a free snack @scepterr