Found this on a fair

Hi Guys, new on the forum.

couple of weeks ago i bought an e-board at a fair, it is all kind of destroyed, but it was cheaper than my shoes so i said what the hell let’s buy it. 30 bucks. (converted from Local currency).

What i have?

1.- 800 wats motor 2.- set of 4 wheels 3.- ECU 4.- 2 trucks with suspension 5.- batery box (empty) 6.- 2 decks (118 centimeters) - The guy who was selling all the stuff gave me a second deck if i buy…

So! i want to rebuild this thing and make it roll, i look all over the internet and i finally found it on ebay but i don’t know the brand, or where to get the parts i need to complete the project, also i don’t know what i need, what i get for the 30 dollars is this:

what i think i need?

1.- transmission belt 2.-remote control 3.- Batteries (Not sure how much amp should i have, just have the 800 watts clue) 4.- know the brand!

Can anyone please give me a clue or something on it? i really want to fix this thing but i havo no idea what im doing, like that dog from the meme…

i’m trying to fix it with the minimum mods, i forgot to mention that i live on Uruguay, we have a couple of difficulties when buying on ebay, normally the things i get from ebay took about 2 months in arrive. That’s the main difficult on this project. I’ll need to do it with the things i could get here.

Thank you!

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what a beast! Well with the size of that box you could put just about anything you want in it i suppose. I would go with the biggest battery pack you could fit in there, swap the motor out for a similar sized brushless outrunner, maybe a big ass SK3 or enertion’s 6372. Belts shouldn’t be a problem, there are places you can order any size or standard you might need. It will need some hacking, you might have to fab a bracket or drill some extra holes in the existing mount, and then you’ll need a good ESC like a VESC or maybe @torqueboards 12s ESC.

Damn that thing is just looking for a dirt trail. I kind of want one of these monsters actually.

Hey thanks man!

i’m trying to fix it with the minimum mods, i forgot to mention that i live on Uruguay, we have a couple of difficulties when buying on ebay, normally the things i get from ebay took about 2 months in arrive. That’s the main difficult on this project. I’ll need to do it with the things i could get here.
except for the controller, i don’t know how they work, i looked on the guides but i see that everyone buy controllers and make them work by installing them as a kit, i saw that but i’m not sure how you do that.
so can i just go ahead and buy a kit? transmit and receiver?

sure looked like Fiik Big Daddy

or some other makes from alibaba

parts are almost easy to find if you’re patient sifting around china website which has been translated to english . i doubt they will sell you parts . these are discontinued if not , it could be obsolete in the future . thats why its selling cheap with the first few words describing that item as " cheap off road watt…"

i wont know about the motor . could be reliable . mine was a 150W 24V DC humongouS motor . then i upgraded it to Enertion’s SPACE CELL 36V . and it was all fine till i burn the motor’s windings .

then again , whats mine compared to your 800W ?

this fella wanted to sell me a 1000W DC motor eboard . you can see me standing holding the thing . 30kg clean ! ! ! and it has 48V Li ion 18650 pack for battery . wanted to sell me for $400 singapore dollars . 30kg turned me off .

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OMG i want to complete mine right now!!! look at thaaat! look, this is what i have now, i’m eager to think this is a chinesse copy of a big daddy or a mo-bo.

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ok caps off .
sorry for capital letters . typing without seeing .

if me , i would open up the underneath casing to see what type of battery it is . Sealed Lead Acid ? or Lithium Ion ?

hay sir! no, it comes with no batteries at all, there’s wires missing also. the batery box is empty.

what i do have is the ECU. which funcion i don’t know…

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try to assemble yourself some spare batteries AA size or “D” size batteries to form up at least 12V power supply .

or ! if you already have a variable power supply . set it to 24V 0.5A .
( 0.5A just to be safe . if you have or live near a fire engine next to your house ? set it to 2A)
joking ! sorry .

just try to see if it works , thats all .

DONT PLUG it to your 110V or 240V wall socket ! even fire engine cant help you .
my advice ? minimal 12V . max 24V just to see if lights lit up .

also see the motor !

if it has 3 wires or 2 wires coming out of it .

3 wires Brushless DC motor ~ same with my recently almost new eboard (sept 2015)

2 wires Brushed DC motor ~ same with my old eboard .

Ok, i have an old keyboard power suply that go up to 18 v and 1.2 amp.
should i adjust it to DC or AC ? and i don’t know which one is positive and which one is negative. how can i know that?

Regarding the fire… a glass of water will do… xD!

DC ! definitely .

you have to check it by touching it light ly . from your eboard ~ red wires are positive , black is negative . the one that suppose to connect to a supplied battery . when you bought it , did the seller tell you 36V ? 24V ?

36 volts, and 28 amps (or something like that) that’s what’s written on the motor.

good ,

did any lights lit up ? after you test connect from power source ?

If that’s the case a Space cell might be a drop in replacement. Or you could of course load it up with a pair of 5S lipos or even a repacked 10S lipo if it fits.

i tried connecting 12 volts 1 amp power supply (standard) and didn’t turn on any light. I should try with something stronger than 12 volts and 1 amp.
Since the motor is 36 volts and 28 amps. i’ll try to get batteries this weekend or another power supply.

go ahead ! just dont go above recommended .

fyi* glass of water is bad . pour water onto blanket to make blanket or towel damp . in emergency just cover fire with damp towel /cloth :grin:

Ok i’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll be prepared for fire, just in case, you just make me paranoiac about it.

Where are we on this project? I have exactly the same board, except that mine works very well. It has three 12v lead batteries on it, that’s why it’s around 40Kg! But it flies like a rocket, jumps pavements and is very stable. I have had it for about 3-4 years. My objective is to replace the lead batteries with some Li ones to reduce weight and increase autonomy (I currently cannot do much more than 8Km, and if the battery let you down far from home, you’re f****’)

Damn Brushed Motor, thats oldscool! :smiley:

I had a heavy great lump with lead acid batteries like this that i just matched the voltage from some hobby king batteries and away she went… Until the motor was smoking, then I had to replace the motor which meant i had to replace the esc because I replaced the motor with a brushless motor. So also had to replace the pulley and the remote… It could be a quick fix or you could just start from scratch and build a really kick arse board.