Found three kinds of electric skateboards, which one do you prefer?

1.the small board also known as banana board ,It is the cheapest in the electric skateboards, also known as the most suitable for the beginners, there are many kinds of style, very flexible .here is picture.

2.The Landwheel electric skateboard , this product is very delicate .it’s the Chinese first high-end electric skateboard kit, fit most skateboards , two-way drive, removable and assembly with other decks, remote control…

3.Cross-country skateboard. A lot of people look forward to the product, can adapt to all kinds of terrain, with a strong horsepower

What’s your budget? Do you want to ride your board everyday?

I like Landwheel, but my budget is only $300.

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You’ve been patient enough to wait and ask for everyone’s opinion on this forum and gotten this far so I’d like to help. Honestly, If I were you I’d save $300 more and search this site for the possible vendors that sell complete diy boards. I.E.: Ollin Boards, DIYElectricSkateboard, and Enertion sell reasonable motor kits. I don’t know much about the companies you had talked about but Landwheel has only been around since 2016. Some of the past Chinese boards (clones) have known to break down in a couple months. However, I’m sure the older Chinese clones (Genesis, Koowheel, etc) have made adjustments to their products after all the complaints they’ve received. With that said, if you buy one of these boards from such a young company you may be a guiena pig :sweat: Based on your picture I’m guess your a younger guy and I’d hate for you to throw away $300 ( it’s a lot of money!). Good luck and feel free to DM me if you have any questions.:sunglasses:

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If your budget is only $300, then you are going to be limited in your results when searching for an esk8, regardless of size.

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I see eSk8 commentators say landwheel do well, their propaganda also do well.Although China has many clones, but any efforts to improve product is doing very well.Thank you very much, you are a good man.I want to look before you leap.

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Honestly save up some bucks and build your own, it’s always much much much more worth it, or buy a pre-built! I don’t know many who sell pre-built under $600 unless used, your best option Imo would be waiting for my “Mach 1” which should be able to give you a more than suitable upgrade board if you so wanted, but still enjoying without having to make compromises. That being said you can also take your $600 and build your own Board! Which is honestly the best feeling in the world when it works.

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Also to bear in mind I’m not to sure that they have fixed the problems with the first 3, generation that have all had there own set of problems. We’re all for them fixing it, and I belive they are. But end of day you want to be ridding your board not waiting for parts

Do not buy the landwheel, it has an insane failure rate. I wanted to start with 300 bucks as well, then I understood that reliability is the most important part in this hobby, and I decided to slowly increase the budget as the shopping progressed (took a lot to find everything). I ended up spending 600, but it should be a beast of a board, but first of all, reliable.

Let me put it this way, if you spend 300 on an e-Board it would be a waste of money, it will be lost it and be never be recover, you will be pissed off as soon as it fails for the first time, you will fight with the manufacturer with emails back and forth with no solution, you will regret sooner than expected.

The closest thing I could recommend so you can feel you made a relativity good purchase is a koowheel or and Acton blink.

Sorry of this isn’t what you wanted to hear, just trying to save you money

Ahhh I see. I’ve never heard of Landwheel. I hope you find what you are looking for. Where are you located? Anyhow, good luck :wink: sir!

as was said dont buy a prebuilt but instead learn to plug a couple plugs together and you’ll have a board that will crush ANY of those prebuilt boards and for even a quarter of the cost and made with the best components.
A cheap prebuilt isn’t a “beginner” board, it’s just crap. Crap meaning it will go slowly and then die, maybe throwing you to your own death


I won a Swagboard in a raffle… they are $250-400 new.

Don’t get me wrong, it inspired me to do what I do now. But

I only hit 10mph on the flats. Maybe got 3 miles out of it before it was completely worthless. Took it off a curb once, and I destroyed the cheap hub motor and that was that.

Free, yes… would I ever pay $300 for it, hell no.

Save your money and time, build something your proud of. :metal::+1:

you won´t have fun. these products are toys. and even can break after seconds check the landwheel thread.

it´s like you want a pony for horseback-riding and your dad gets you a huge dog.


$300 won’t get you a board worth riding. If you don’t want to go the DIY route, look for a used EGO or something like that, but you likely still need to save up a few more bills.

lol ! made my day :slight_smile:

Thank you for your consideration and concern for me. But I spent $399 and bought a Landwheel drive. It sounds like you will feel crazy. I have been riding for three days, without any problems, its power is too strong. I heard that this is their latest generation of products. I think I am very lucky because it is really great, I also bought a handsome board. I am now testing its maximum speed and brakes.