(FOUND)---WANTED - Broken Evolve Bamboo GT or GTX

Hey guys I wanna start a copycat build of the evolve bamboo series but with good cells ( VTC6 or konion maybe 30Q ) better motors and FOCBOX. I basically just need the deck enclosure and truck The rest is garbage to me If you have a completely dead GT please tell me ?

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As you know, Evolve original enclosure and super curve trucks can be purchased from the website. However, Evolve original enclosure can only be placed up to 10s4p cells…

My friend sells VESC mount which fits Evolve original enclosure. https://www.zeroformdesign.com/product-page/4-10-twin-vesc-mounting-plate-for-evolve-gt-series-board

Good luck!

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I tried but if you are not evolve customer they wont let you buy parts you have to prove you are an evolve customer ! In the and i think i’ll have to find someone willing to buy parts for me Even the trucks they won’t accept…

Ohh I see. I didn’t know that.:open_mouth:

@Powadangaboards is selling his Evolve parts, you might be able to work something out!


I bought a GT rear truck this week from the US website, no worries. UPS has it for delivery Monday.

I will try again then I’m very stupid because Whn he asked me I said it was for a build should have shut my mouth

I’ve got proof of purchase of an evolve Bamboo GT so i can order for you if you need, but what parts do you need and budget? I bought an extra semi-complete Bamboo I could maybe sell if the price is right and I can find a good way to ship.

They rejected me 4 times, so i had to optain the papers for the Bamboo Stuff i have now, the order was no problem now.

I could sell you used trucks for 125$

Just a quick update I could finally get everything I wanted from evolve : GTX Deck, enclosure + truck

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Always come up with a story and picture of a broken thing, never tell them you are going to use their stuff for a DIY.

that’s what I did finally, with another mail

I’m selling my bamboo gt for parts

also selling a longhairboy battery

How did this build go in the end

It’s done ! Type GTX clone in the search bar to find the thread