(FOUND) Wanted: Cheap drop-through deck

Looking to buy a cheap drop-through deck. It can be used or new, doesn’t have to be anything special. I’m in Australia so for minimal shipping cost it’d be great if the deck was also in Australia, but I’m willing to consider anything.

Show me what you got! :smiley:

@Hummie’s deck perhaps?

Possibly, however if someone’s got a deck in Aus that’d be better because the shipping from anywhere outside Aus might be horrendous. That said I’ll consider anything so if you’ve got a link (cuz idk if you mean @Hummie’s group buy).

I have a Rayne Reaper that is lightly used, current model, has wear but no major anything wrong with it. I used it to kick back and forth to work over summer. Never riden in the rain. I found I felt funny at first on the double drop, then again going back to my top mounts. So I’m just sticking with my top mounts now… experiment over.

even second hand you will find cheaper new decks out there, nothing with construction quality like this though.

you can see new price on the links above ($259-$265, that boxed price is wrong), if you are interested make me a offer & i’ll take you some pics.

I know the pain of high shipping rates. But this is the deck you want :wink: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-wood-and-carbon-decks-group-buy/43245/293

Nice deck!

That’s a nice deck but I was hoping for something a fair bit cheaper than that haha :stuck_out_tongue:

how cheap… do you want to be?

Something in the region of $150, maybe $200.

$200 i’ll cover postage and some insurance…

and throw in some clear vicious grip tape squares ($36 rrp) I have… the grip is not shot, but re-grip it and it is good as new in use.

i’ll send you some pics if you are keen.

honestly. I think that is a fair deal.

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That does sound pretty fair, I’ll give it some thought tomorrow and see if I can convince mum to buy it for my birthday :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love some pics if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

@Cobber To my great amazement Mum actually is willing to give me $200 towards a longboard deck for my birthday. With that in mind I might have to go for a more expensive deck, but I’d still like to see what yours looks like if you don’t mind sending some pictures :slight_smile:

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ok tomorrow morning

Actually don’t worry about it, I found a different deck that I like better :slight_smile:

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