(FOUND)WTB 11 Pin Jst Connector for BMS

Hey guys as the title states im looking for an 11 Pin JST Connector with a 2.5mm pitch for a 10s bms, 300mm or longer.

What do I need this for? my enertion etray…


Bump, 2.5mm instead…:woozy_face:

Search jst xh on arrow.com. It’s reasonably priced with free overnight shipping.

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They don’t have any 11 pin 2.5mm


Is that not it?


oops sry, meant i needed jst-xh and i dont have a crimping tool, im looking for a already done wire

hehe what are you willing to pay? You’re in nyc?

nevermind, these are available and cheap.

https://www.progressiverc.com/jst-xh-pigtails.html 4" pigtail

https://www.progressiverc.com/balance-extensions.html 12" can cut the other end off

progressiverc’s cables are really nice quality. Not the usual typical junk.

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oh shit lol i got my icharger from em and couldnt find any cables for my i charger anyways… lol