(FOUND) [WTB] 2X Enertion Focbox

Hey, I’m looking for two NEW fox boxes as the title suggests the most I’m willing to pay is 235$ for both

Im located in Brooklyn NY

Before black friday the going price was 130ish for new. You could probably get used ones for the price your looking for. I think with the black friday price and shipping 2 focboxes came out to be $230. So does your price include shipping?

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Well, if nothing comes up I wouldnt mind shipping out my two focboxes that I have chilling at school :slight_smile:

One has sub 100 miles on it, and the other one hasnt even run a motor detection. Ive also got two @Kug3lis single focbox cases for it, one with all the gromets, and one without(I couldnt be bothered to fit them… lol)

I would be shipping from Utica, upstate NY so I figure it wouldnt cost too much. If you would like, just let me know and Ill try and hunt down some antistatic packaging as well

e: the <100mi focbox has the case installed already, just to be clear

You’ve got me interested.

You guys do know that focboxes can ship from New York to California for just 3$ right? Via first class

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wow thats great, but I figure its lacking some protection during transit. What can 3 dolars do at the post ofice :rofl:

if youre interested though, I go back up the 20th of January, I know its far away, but I can get a shipping quote then, as the local usps LOVES to fuck me over and misquote via the phone

It’s actually with tracking and 1 day longer than prority mail, never trust any company on the phone, I personally use easyship let’s go into pm.