(FOUND)WTB Hummie Deck (US)

Well good luck. But it would work. With the right enclosure the Dual cut out actually has more space than the single.

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with dual cutout t

??? I feel like it has less space and if I do use double cutout im gonna have to use wires to hook up the p groups which is kinda janky and i wouldnt be able to properly heatshrink the pack



You should be able to use battery pcbs to fit a 13s 8p.

… Double stacked? And is there a battery PCB for 8p? :rofl:

Think of it as two double stacks in a u shape. And you gain the space between each cutout for bms wires.

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Nah still seems jank…

I like my design that I created in my head plus how am I gonna fit a unity

Look how @Winfly did his https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words/2992/8793?u=skunk You could take a router and cut out the spine where the unity goes or cut out the whole spine and do a layer of carbon fiber to stiffen it up.

That’s a 13s4p… so double stack and it fits…

That’s just mock up. His setup was clean as f**k by the end

Yes but I’m doing double the thickness sir, and the middle ridge is preventing me from putting a unity in

Scroll up and read what i said again.
I know you’re doing double stack… I also addressed unity fitment

You summoned me? Haha @ZachTetra. It sounds like a whole lot of buttstallions!

I don’t have a router and I’m not trying to take the risk of sending it to someone

A $20 Dremel would do the job. As would a hammer and I wood chisel.

No thanks that will hurt my soul

I’ve got a better one

I’m just trying to help you. you said it wouldn’t work and it absolutely would work you just don’t want to do what it takes. I think you have a better chance of finding a dual cut out is all. Or you can wait a few months for them to do another batch a fresh ones.


I’m not trying to destory a deck. :sweat_smile:

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You wont

how badly do you need it?

if you can wait then wait

Somewhat badly, I currently still have 0 boards to ride

Then buy a double cutout Hummie, Cut out the unity slot, and maybe get someone to skin it in CF.