Fox box Unity for sale SOLD



115$ shipped to Canada?

I’ve never shipped international. But I know it’s more. If you are willing to pay shipping.

You were selling for 115 shipping included. I would have to pay 115+shipping…not worth it. Good luck

Still cheaper than a single focbox. And almost half price for a unity. Use all that money you save on Healthcare to pay a little extra on shipping


Doesn’t it need to be shipped to the wizard in Canada anyways? It may even be cheaper for Canadian people as you don’t have to pay international shipping from Canada to get it back.

@Tamatoa The wiz lives 20 esk8 minutes away from me :rofl: @Skunk this is just an option for ss. I want a happy santee but I’m not gonna ruin my family Christmas for it

115 + 45shipping + 60repair= 220usd before I have even shipped it to santee…not much worth


i think i asked you a bit back for this but you left me dry–

how much would it be shipped to canada?

I’m not really sure. I wouldn’t even know which carrier to choose look at

It looks like it would be around $27USD

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did not realize this was for a santee. Maybe ship it to someone in the US for repair @ThermalM16 ? Maybe still not worth it?



I will offer you $115 Dollaradoos + $20 postage to Aussie I will have a stab at fixing her or give her a viking funeral.

Thats not a DRV


Finally someone said it. I’ve been scratching my head and wondering what that little thing is… Looks kind of like a mosfet

Piece r146

What is it? Is it Cheaper or easier to fix? I had a Enertion tech quoted me $60

Looks like a current shunt amplifier. Theyre not very expensive. Hard to tell thats the only issue tho… Something caused it to blow.


I have 2 unity’s that the same issue happened. Can anyone please explain why that issue happens as it’s happens twice now!?

I am receiving no support from Enertion about this after months of messages :frowning:

Anyone in Aus capable of repairing?

Updated price I need gone. Have to pay for some upcoming stuff next week

If you do it for that shipped to NJ I’m in