FR : Trampa Holypro | Etoxx direct drive | 6374 | Vesc6 | 10S10P 30Q

Hi all,

Selling my last build for new project, I ride this board only for ~150kms. Located in France, feel free to contact me for informations :slight_smile:

Max speed >50km/h, estimated range >100kms for 25km/h cruising with 75kgs rider.

trampa1 trampa2 trampa3

Selling at componants price, 2300€ :

  • Complete Board Trampa 35° Holypro 15 ply Firm (650€)
  • Direct drive kit Etoxx 1:5 10mm (550€)
  • Controllers VESC6 Escape (365€)
  • Battery 1.08kwh 10S10P Samsung 30Q with BMS wired for charge only (400€)
  • Motors 6374 190kv sensored with temp sensor (160€)
  • remote GT2B + mod 3D sparkle (40€)
  • Fans noctua NF-A6x25 FLX, speed control with DC-DC stepdown (30€)
  • Charger 42v5A (30€)
  • Controller Box : Ultrabox 206 & battery box (70€)
  • bluetooth module
  • XT60 loop key

Options : Roue de secours complète (50€) Sac de transport Trampa (15€) Binding Freebord S2 (45€) Heel straps (25€)


How much for S2 bindings to Iceland? Also pictures please :slight_smile:

that’s an huge range :open_mouth:

10S10P is INSANE, sick build. Those fans made me laugh a little though, wouldn’t they restrict and offroading you can realistically do quite a lot?

Nice build :slight_smile:

Are you selling parts or the complete board?

Sorry I didn’t understand your question ^^ You can reformule ? :relieved:

Hi, for the moment I prefer to sell complete build =)

Fair enough, if you change your mind let me know!!

@Whitehawk : I PMed you :slight_smile:



If you change your mind…: dips on the battery :wink:

PM sent, thanks bud

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UP, still available :slight_smile:

If you decide to part out the board, I’d like the trucks :slight_smile:

Is board still for sale

Just really baffled why the open fans? - not only that but super expensive noctua ones when all other noises will still drown out any fan no matter how loud :-/ one little pebble and they’re dust - plus they’re constantly being thrown off axis so the bearings wouldn’t last long…

10s10P for 400€ wtf. I would buy this instantly but 100km on hubs would kill me. 50km already knocked me out.

Hi all, sorry I was busy by hip surgery, I have bought a onewheel because I don’t want to break my brand new hip with a powerfull e-mtb so my board still available for sell :slight_smile:

Please send me a PM like that I receive a mail, I don’t come here often :slight_smile:

Be careful, i had my worst injuries on a onewheel, banged up my knees up pretty good, many times. If you decide to part things out I might take some stuff of your hands :wink:

Discounted to 2200€ with free transport bag and heel straps. Delivery by me possible in France next week. Crypto paiment accepted.



Board sold :slight_smile: