Freefly Robotics new universal motor controller, ARC200. Thoughts?

Thank you for answering the questions Tabb, I’ll let the experts ask you the really tough ones.

Honestly, at a price point of $300 dollars for a single controller is on the high end of things and I think for a majority of the users here, having to purchase 2 is a lot.

However, if you can make that single controller easily swappable to different vehicles / drones using just a phone app, that definetley would be a game changer at least in my eyes. At that point heck I may buy 2, keep one on a board at all times and swap the other one to different things. Best of luck and looking forward to more info

@longhairedboy @psychotiller @mmaner @Kug3lis

I expect these individuals(madmen) to be able to give the most competent and through evaluation/review


Input Voltage: 4S (13.6v) - 12S (50.4v)* Max peak phase current: 200A Continuous current with little to no heatsinking (hot-side facing upwards and unobstructed): 60A Continuous current when bolted to a typical EV aluminum chassis: 100-150A Continuous current with infinite aluminum heatsink or water cooling, and forced air cooling on phase wires: 200A Control Inputs: PWM, Analog (1x combined throttle/brake or independent throttle and brake), UART/CAN (for advanced users to interface through the Freefly API’s QX protocol) DC-Input: XT90 Phase-Output: 8mm Female Bullet Sensor support: Fully sensorless, digital hall sensors, PWM, SPI encoder (AS5048) Operating modes: Torque mode (EV), speed mode (Multirotor, requires advanced user tuning), angle/servo mode (experimental, requires advanced user tuning and high-resolution motor encoder) 23.4kHz switching frequency for zero audible PWM noise Integrated 5A 5V BEC (Recommended continuous-current draw to be kept less than 3A) Water resistant and splash proof - integrate into your application to avoid continuous water exposure

If not different style UI (.NET based) I would tell its VESC based on features, but looks like something different :wink:


@tabbytabb, Fact is Esk8 right now is a very dangerous recreational sport. It’s made up of half ass skaters doing DH speeds wearing shit for safety gear. I’m beating this drum again when I say all electronic equipment is destined to fail. Overbuilding greatly reduces failure rates. The Esk8 community is quickly coming to understand this.

Soon enough anyone will be able to competetivly race an electric skateboard out of the trunk of their car for a couple of grand. Be able to adjust, tweak, tune and set-up the same board for track, drag, road course, uphill and downhill racing with a relatively reliable power delivery system. We’re knocking on that door. for the 75mph World Record run function wise we’re 90% dialed in for the record attempt. Max Capps has been giving great feed back in testing and only minor changes have been made from the original setup. We’re on target for October. I wouldn’t put rider on anything untested at any speed. I have access to a wheel Dyno as a test rig. As you know prototypes rarely are perfect at first rendering and usually require changes. Max and I are already in discussion on 100mph (161kph) attempt for 2019. Will require 20k watts some aero, and ground effects. A bigger project for sure, but I have the guy who can get the job done if he stays healthy racing DH between now and then. Also been in talks with a rep from Maytec on a 300a cc 16s rig. It’s a great opportunity to work with people willing to put some skin in the game. I believe that people who push limits always make better for the common user in the end.

Mountain climbers have a safety factor of 5 built into their equipment. It means 20% of breaking strength for rope & hardware is the working load limit. When were talking about a human being propelled at 47+kph a safety factor in the form and function needs to be in place as well. Much of the industry DIY and production pushes load limits to close too the edge. Would be my pleasure to work with you on this project.

Another iron thats in the fire. Back in late March I got the ok through Kevin Reimer to test the viability of Esk8 racing uphill at his DH event Tepes & Tacos. Raw run Up hill time was comparable to DH times. Closed road Uphill racing at DH events just makes sense. 200a 60v based esc would be a good fit.

One problem with current Vesc based models is the e-rpm limits. 800kv 6pole motors I believe go beyond at 107k. We’re also talking 12k watt I will be hammering through this as well. We’re using twin 12kw @60v motors in the WR board. Plenty of tax to put on your esc.


@MoeStooge is a damn good fit to test it to the limits with correct useage. @mmaner is respected and will give us a solid review. @longhairedboy will ride it a bit and then set it on fire in a ritual burning while naked in the woods with batteries strapped to his writhing body. After that he’ll put it back into the board and ride it again.

They all seem like a great fit


LAWD YES. If Jake can’t break it under his riding conditions, you’ll be famous.

I’ll PM you our address.


Thanks for the feedback everyone, we will prepare some units to send out asap.


looking forward to it. You want us to PM addresses or wait for you to PM/Email us?

this will be awesome if it takes 100+A with aluminum heat sinks. not only for esk8 but for a wide variety of electric vehicles as well.

Hey guys, just a heads up that we will be hosting a youtube live at 11am PDT tomorrow over on the Freefly channel.

Please join and ask any questions you might have


damn, I thought that was today and I was jumping around looking for it on youtube :).


me me me :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Hi @tabbytabb, I would love to test one of the motor controllers. I have both a DIY Electric skateboard and a DIY E-Foil (which has various drive options like geared, direct and jet) that I can put the drive through its paces on. Here is a link to my E-foil build for a little more info on that:

Did this happen? I watched the YT channel for half an hour or so and didn’t see a live feed come up.

Yep! Right here:

We will keep doing them to answer questions and show what we are up!


400 amps…damn…



same as @brenternet apologies for the negativity. Great to see you on here backing up your product.

With all the extra cables coming out, is there a way to remove some that aren’t needed?

@tabbytabb Great video, I was riveted. The skateboard demo was great, very quiet and the acceleration plot is very interesting. I’m a big fan of throttle curves.

I’m curious if you guys have plans for larger EV products? I’ve got an old Jeep CJ7 that used to have an AMC 304 in it, that’s dead now, but still has the 3 speed trans. I’ve been thinking about converting it to electric, using a big ass curtis motor to drive the flywheel. Does this sound like something your new 400a ESC could handle?

Which ones aren’t needed? There’s power leads on the front, 3 phase wires, USB and PPM on the back.